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7 Companies Making Protein Supplements From American Milk

September 23, 2020

It's extremely difficult to discover the origin of health supplements because the FDA does not require companies to list the sources of their raw materials. Look a little closer at the "Made in the USA" claim on your supplements and you'll see it mentions ingredients of international and domestic origin, which allows the manufacturer to make the claim as long as the product includes any US content or processing (this is called a 'qualified claim'). Let's take that further: according to the FDA, making food from one or more ingredients is considered 'processing', ergo, mixing ingredients together is considered processing.

On the topic of protein supplements, it's unlikely you've ever had whey from an American source- that's not to say that quality protein supplements can't come from abroad, it's just.. you haven't- until now.

Ladies and gentleman...

Here are 7 companies that get their protein from grass-fed American cows.

A minimalist supplement manufacturer that sources its protein from California dairy farms.

A Florida based company that sources bone broth & whey proteins from Northern California.

A Michigan based superfood supplement manufacturer that not only gets protein from American sources, but wheatgrass & MCT oil powders as well.

Initially designed for Olympic Triathletes and Track & Field athletes, ProMix Nutrition sources whey protein & casein from N. California.

As simple as it can possibly get, Raw Organic Whey is an Iowa based company that produces pure whey powder.

Miami based RSP Nutrition aims to provide clean & innovative supplements and sources protein from "family farms in the USA".

With a focus on quality ingredients, True Nutrition helps people get supplements fine tuned to their specific fitness needs. Needless to say, their whey protein is sourced from the USA.

Please be sure to check out the company pages on this site for more details, as some companies source protein for different products from different sources.