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September 11, 2020

It's possible that higher wages, higher quality materials, and higher production standards result in a higher quality product.

This article will highlight 9 American free weight manufacturers that you can buy from directly to address all your free weight needs and build a complete home gym. Each product displayed here is just an example of what the company offers, and in most cases is one of many variations.

The free weight categories featured on this page are: Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, and Sandbags.

Note: If a product is marked with " *Specialist " it means they only, or primarily, make this product type, indicating that this may be the best choice for the product category.

The Noble Nine

Our crew, sorted by age.

Goldens' Cast Iron

Founded: 1882

Manufactures in: Columbus, Georgia


Founded: 1968

Manufactures in: Tuscumbia, Alabama


Founded: 1980

Manufactures in: Lexington, South Carolina

Texas Power Bars

Founded: 1980

Manufactures in: Irving, Texas

Rogue Fitness

Founded: 2006

Manufactures in: Columbus, Ohio

Brute Force

Founded: 2009

Manufactures in: Denver, Colorado

The Fitness Armory

Founded: 2009

Manufactures in: Los Angeles, California

Raptor Fitness

Founded: 2015

Manufactures in: Denver, Colorado


Founded: 2017

Manufactures in: Midwest Region

Barbell Training



Racks & Rigs





Medicine Balls


There are thousands more American free weight manufacturers in the market, they just lack internet visibility.

Find them and share them!

Please send additions or corrections to to help with this page, or the upcoming part 2.

*Update (9/14/20): The Fitness Armory's 'Cast Iron Olympic Plates' have been removed upon discovering they were sourced from either "Taiwan or China". To their credit, this information came directly from The Fitness Armory.