16 American Made Face Masks

September 15, 2020

Most masks you find on the internet nowadays are counterfeits. But here's the secret to easily finding face masks made in the USA: clothing companies. The following 16 American clothing manufactures make fashionable, functional, and reusable face masks.

Honorable mentions: Black Halo and Hickey Freeman earn an honorable mention because they went out of their way to create genuinely good looking face masks that can compliment formal attire- make sure to check those out. Also, a shoutout to Buck Mason and Imogene + Willie for their super cool bandanas.

Note: Face masks are basically unisex, but this page will indicate a company's particular target audience. Having said that, mask style is brand new, if you like it, wear it proud.

Men's Fashion: 4 Varieties

Unisex: Bulk Orders (100+) Only

Ladies' Fashion: 21 Varieties

Men's Fashion: 11 Varieties

Unisex: 14 Varieties

Men's Fashion: 19 Varieties

Ladies' Fashion: 8 Varieties

Ladies' Fashion: 3 Varieties

Men's Fashion: 31 Varieties

Bandanas: 14 Varieties

Ladies' Fashion: 1 Variety (Assorted Colors)

Ladies' Fashion: 10 Varieties

Ladies' Athletic Clothing: Gaiters

Men's Fashion: 1 Variety (Custom Fit)

Enjoy! Let us know if you have any additions or corrections at info@fromtheunitedstates.com